Online Courses

The Biology of Aging (for Health Professionals)

This course is designed for Health Professionals to help them understand and optimise the health of their patients. It is however suitable for any educated person who would like to understand this important topic at reasonable depth.

Healthy Aging – How to Age Well

Suitable for learning about healthy ageing at all ages, this course emphasises the major changes that commence in 40 to 50 year old’s and the actions they need to take NOW to optimise their health in their later years.

My Current Books

Books on the biology of ageing and the actions we can take!

Live Presentations

Dr Judy Ford has years of experience working as a Professional Speaker and University Lecturer. She is happy to speak to Work Groups, Special Interest Groups (especially those representing specific genetic disorders), Societies and Not-For-Profit Organisations. Please send an email detailing your request.

Dr Ford has considerable experience working as a legal expert in cases involving genetic issues and/or chemical toxicity.

Scientific/Medical Writing

If you would like Dr Ford to write an article for your business or organisation, please make contact. As well as her books and scientific publications, her past work has included magazine articles, brochures about chemically-safe products, brochures about pregnancy and many other short articles relevant to her field of expertise.

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