Why We Age (Hardcover) by Dr Judy Ford


‘Why We Age’ explains the biological mechanims that underlie ageing. It is written for intelligent lay people and academics and allows the reader to understand why and how ‘telomeres’ are reduced in length whenever cells divide. The reader learns that this ultimately causes age-related inflammation and critical changes in fat metabolism but also learns what can be done to minimise the negative effects.

This book offers new knowledge. Adding the ‘Why We Age Workbook’ helps the reader make the necessary changes in lifestyle that are recommended in the book.


First published 2019.  Subtitle: Solving the Puzzle of Aging

Part A: The Biology of Aging (7 chapters that explain how the cell division that is essential to life itself eventually leads to inflammation and age-related dieases. We also learn of actions we can take to minimise the effects of inflammation.

Part B: International Data – A cautionary tale. Three chapters examine world data on life expectancy and diseases in 184 countries and outlines what we can learn from them.

Part C: Lifestyle – Actions we can take to reduce aging and negative age-related outcomes. Seven chapters of recommendations for a healthy lifestyle to minimise the effects of aging.

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Why We Age

Understand the Biology of Aging – written by Dr Judy Ford


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