Genes, Lifestyle and Health

Many health practitioners specialise in either ‘lifestyle’ or ‘inherited conditions’ but very few consider genes and lifestyle and how these interact? In order to understand health, optimise fertility, reduce the rate of aging, cancer and many other age-related health issues, we need to appreciate not only how our genes and our lifestyle affect our health but how these are influenced by our age and especially by cell division.

You might not have heard anyone else discuss cell division but this is the critical factor underlying almost all aspects of health.

Age, from birth to old age, has a major impact on how our bodies work and so the steps we should take to optimise our health differ at different ages and between males and females. At all ages, we need to work with our ‘current biology’ and when we do this, we can greatly improve our vitality, resilience, and resistance to most common health problems.

Who am I and how can I help?

Dr Judy Ford, Nov 2021

My name is Judy Ford. I have had an interesting journey in my work which I now think of as Human Biology. I started working with human cells in 1973 and soon starting grappling with problems relating to human fertility and cancer. Read more about me and my ‘science journey’ in About Me.

I am now semi-retired and live in Sydney. I currently write books and give invited talks about my key areas of expertise, which are NATURAL FERTILITY, CANCER PREVENTION and HEALTHY AGEING. I have created online courses on some of these topics (more to come), which together with my books can be accessed from the SERVICES PAGE. I am also available for Natural Fertility counselling (by individual Zoom sessions) for couples who would like to discover whether their diet and/or lifestyle might be causing their fertility problems? This is a great option even for couples who might go on to have IVF.

I also enjoy writing short articles, creating videos on biological and health topics and working as a LEGAL EXPERT in relevant cases. I especially enjoy SPEAKING TO LIVE AUDIENCES and would be pleased if you contacted me about the possibility of talking to your organisation or group.

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