Dark chocolate – Jeanne Calment’s secret of Longevity?

When I read that in her last years, Jeanne Calment, the oldest woman to ever live ate a kilogram of chocolate, or more, each week, I wondered whether eating chocolate is the secret of longevity? Jeanne also doused her food in olive oil as well as using olive oil on her skin and if youContinue reading “Dark chocolate – Jeanne Calment’s secret of Longevity?”

Vitamin D Deficiency – A Modern World Epidemic with Huge Consequences

Vitamin D is critical to good health Many of us know that our bodies can make Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to sunlight and in a previous blog, I discussed how human migration has been a major factor in our current epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency. Here, I’m going to discuss some ofContinue reading “Vitamin D Deficiency – A Modern World Epidemic with Huge Consequences”

Health and environments: Should men and women live together?

Apart from the obvious differences in interests and daily habits, many of us are aware that ‘he’ generally feels warmer and ‘she’ cooler, that men and women often disagree about whether a room is too hot or too cold, and that one of a couple often needs to compromise in some way. As well asContinue reading “Health and environments: Should men and women live together?”

Vitamin E deficiency, migraines & ‘Visual disturbances’

How I discovered I needed Vitamin E Gall bladder problems and Cholecystectomy Six months after I gave birth to my baby Alexia, I became very jaundiced. I had some pain under my right ribs and felt unwell after eating some meals, but it was when my stools turned white and my urine was almost black,Continue reading “Vitamin E deficiency, migraines & ‘Visual disturbances’”

Seven reasons why the world still hasn’t beaten COVID-19

1. Human factor 1: Vaccines have been given as a priority in wealthy countries when spread is likely to be greatest amongst the poor It is well recognized that the world does not treat its inhabitants equally. There are of course many different factors underlying this including wars and corruption not to mention uncontrollable factorsContinue reading “Seven reasons why the world still hasn’t beaten COVID-19”

Vitamin D Deficiency: A Major Health Side effect of Human Migration

More than just bones! Vitamin D may be our most important ‘vitamin’. Although it has long been known that Vitamin D plays a critical role in the body’s ability to absorb and retain calcium and phosphorus, which are both critical for the formation of bone, recent research has now revealed that Vitamin D plays criticalContinue reading “Vitamin D Deficiency: A Major Health Side effect of Human Migration”

Can eating Seaweed prevent Breast Cancer?

In Japan, seaweed is a common dietary component which gives Japanese adults an average daily intake of 5280 micrograms (µg) of Iodine each day. This is very different to the rest of the world where the average intake of Iodine is only about 209 µg/day. Now there are obviously other dietary differences between traditional JapaneseContinue reading “Can eating Seaweed prevent Breast Cancer?”

Our genes and our diet

Vegetarian, omnivore, carnivore, pescatarian – what do our genes and anatomy tell us?

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